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4-Piks Regatta - 2017

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The 4-Piks Regatta is about skill on and off the water. You will be required to put crew ashore by transfer craft or swimming. Speed and strategy on land and fine seamanship and sailing skills,.

It was a glorious day, and after a lively briefing session, 6 boats of the Pursuit Regatta set off to pik-up an ice cream from Tai Pak Bay, a lollipop from Sunshine Island and to collect their special bear from the Trappist Monastery Pier to bring him to the Bilge Bar. En route, some big Teddy Bears provided stimulated Man-Overboard.

Nervous Breakdown and Illusion set off in cracking form and disappeared around the Marina seawall towards Tai Pak Bay. There was a lot of scare tactics about how shallow the bay is, and as a result, the shore teams generally had a long paddle, as the boats kept well off shore..

Sapphire was given the first Teddy overboard soon after the start, and executed a lovely round up to wind. Whereupon Aegean, coming up from behind, tried to steal the Teddy and snatch him with a boat hook. But they missed and then had to round up as we put another Teddy MOB in for Sapphire, who picked her up gently and continued. Aegean then put a crew member into the canoe to collect Teddy MOB and Crew member fell out, so there were 2 MOB’s to rescue. Aegean came round again and, as Alex valiantly tried to swim with the waterlogged and heavy Teddy, so Sue jumped into the canoe and promptly fell in too – so 3 MOB’s. !

Meanwhile our lovely support boat, Satchi had set off to the 2
nd Pik-up on Sunshine where an idyllic beach awaited our volunteers to hand out lollypops, which need to be eaten before setting off. The girls and dogs set off by foot to the Trappist monastery with the pik-up Bears, and a surprise popping candy.

Legs 11 came back out of the Tai Pak Bay well heeled and heading for Sunshine and did a splendid MOB and pik-up Teddy. ZhuLu worked on the American style and put a crew in with fins to rescue Teddy including Mouth to Mouth resuscitation, carefully helping him back on board.

Meanwhile Illusion had sailed wide to Sunshine and was heading back to the Trappist, before we caught up with her to do the MOB. A crafty windshift as she rounded up to pik-up the Ted OB caused a challenge, probably from the same cooling squall that that came through as Nervous Breakdown very competently pik’d up their bear, Interestingly, whilst the sailing manoevres were good, no one delegated a crew member to spot the MOB, so just as well it was not too many waves and they floated out of the water. Maybe next time, we’ll weight them to float in a more realistic way.

Leg11 came in first with the Turtle, followed by Sapphire with the Pink Wolf and Aegean took the Dog. ZhuLu pik’d up the St Bernard and Illusion the sleepy bear whilst Nervous Breakdown was left with the Cow.

Many Thanks to all our volunteers and to the DB Marina Club for their support.

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