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Middle Island Regatta 2016
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Doc’s Dash 2016
We welcomed the LBC to again participate in our annual DBYC race. They bring a different racing ethos, more street brawl than Queensberry rules.
Another Doc’s Dash, another morning of complete calm! Luckily I have developed certain fatalism about the weather forecasting and no longer need sedatives in the week running up to the race.
After some searching about, with the help of Kei Lun, we found a spot at the far eastern end of Peng Chau out of wind shadows and set up shop. No buoys! The LBC had difficulty leaving Tai Pak Wan and so the support boat, complete with buoys, was assisting the multihulls into what breeze they could find. On the committee boat there was no panic, only the orderly move to plan B. There was no plan B!
With the start rapidly approaching, and no support boat, the wind settled into the SE so the start was reorganized and the DBYC started on time.
LBC were now on the horizon and we managed to start them at the planned time with a slightly shorter course but away from the rolling seas outside Kau Yi Chau. There was some crowding on the committee boat end of the start line resulting in a boat getting lodged on the pulpit of the Committee boat with a splintering noise as a tiller extension was delaminated. Bit of shouting, but most importantly no great damage to the committee boat.
About this time Andy Pickles, the club handicapper, and I had a chat about the handicaps for Aki(m) (Andy Kung’s Italian mistress) and Lai Sea (owned by Al Noble) a Saba 50. We thought we had the handicap more or less right but time will tell.
After all this excitement the Committee boat settled down to freshly ground coffee, bagels + strawberry jam but were aware that the lead DBYC boats were well on their way back and so we had to gulp down the last morsels, drag the finish line buoy into a new spot because all the fishing boats had decided that around our buoy was the only spot to be in the entire bay. We were ready for the finish with a minute or so to spare.
Aki(m) took line honours, Kei Lun second by a minute or so with a few minutes before Legs Eleven finished. The handicapped finish results were the same. Handicapping new yachts for the first time is always a little difficult. When the handicap was decided Kei Lun was 3 minutes ahead of Aki so we thought the number was probably right. But in the last 30 mins or so Aki gained an extra 4 mins. Time will even out the HKPN rating.
LBC results gave Mr and Mrs Nonan a win, second Dave C (1600) and third Nacra 44.
We are very appreciative and thanks to Al Noble for donating his Saba 50, Lei Sea, as host for the prize giving and post race libations. The DBYC, as usual, did not disappoint in their enthusiasm to celebrate a good race.
Thanks once again to the Wind Gods and lastly I would like to thank our sponsors.
Fragrant Harbour – always an interesting read
Sails East – excellent sails and great support

We have a load of images. From sea level we have about 5 of every finishing yacht and some from the start. We also are indebted to James Branch for his aerial drone footage. The data are so large that it may take me a while to get it all onto our Flickr photo arrives. Check back in a day or so.

All photos, terrestrial and drone are here on the DBYC Flickr account can be found here:-

Alternately the original James Branch drone photos can be found here:-


DBYC flags150x26

DB Regatta 2016