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DBYC Training Courses – See Hong Kong from a different perspective!

The DBYC Introduction to Sailing can be found here:-

Course Content:

Each Course is comprised of classroom lessons.


Classroom Lesson
Dates Of Volunteer Outings
Course 1
Please contact us
Please contact us
$HK 1,800

*Prices are for DBYC members only. Non DBYC member will have to add an additional $500 for a year's membership subscription.
What you get:
You will be part of a group of 6-8 people with the same interest – learning how to sail! That’s always a good place to start, isn’t it? On the Beginners course you will learn the basics of how a sailing boat works, how it interacts with the wind and how it is possible to sail a boat in different conditions. During the course you will learn:

  • Tacking and Jibing
  • How to Rig a boat
  • Get a feeling for wind, tides and currents
  • helpful knots, nautical terms and how to read nautical charts
  • the basics of nautical navigation
  • the basic right of way rules
  • to enjoy outdoor activities
  • to see Hong Kong from a different perspective
After passing the theoretical lessons, volunteers from our club will take you out on their yachts on the dates given in the table to practise. On each boat will be at least one of the trainers to show you in practice what you have learned in the classroom before.
We do not issue certificates since only the Hong Kong government is authorised to do that. For more information go to:

Please contact
training@dbyc.net or tel.: 9526 7697 if interested.
Classroom Lessons: 6:30 PM at Discovery Bay, Lantau Island
Volunteer outings: 9:00 AM at Discovery Bay, Lantau Island
Please bring:
  • Sunglasses
  • Hat
  • Sunscreen
  • Non-marking shoes (i.e. no black sole unless you are sure they're non-marking)
  • Water
  • Good mood and full night's sleep prior

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