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Sadly, not all regattas can be completed with a fair breeze. For this reason, the option of a Motoring Division is often arranged for passage races, so that a leg can still be completed if the wind dies.

The DBYC sailing instructions generally dictate that:

“Should motoring prove necessary, flag M is to be flown from the back stay for the remainder of the race. The Race Declaration should then be completed, stating the time and GPS coordinates at the motor-on and -off positions. Such boats will automatically enter a separate Motoring Division. Each period of motoring will be rounded up to the nearest 10 minutes and incur a 100% time penalty. Motoring in excess of one quarter of a boat’s total time will incur a 200% time penalty.”

However, experience has shown that the HKPN does not adequately handicap the larger yachts when motor-sailing. A Motoring Factor (MF) has therefore been introduced, which equates to the boat’s waterline length, in feet, expressed as an additional percentage. The MF will be applied to inboard engine equipped boats only, as follows:

Motoring factor

The MF may be further adjusted to allow for performance differences on individual boats, such as prop design, displacement, etc. However, the MF’s will be fixed and published well before the start of the regatta in which it is to apply.