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The IR2000 handicapping system is a development of the former Channel Handicap System (CHS) and is governed by the Royal Ocean Racing Club (RORC). It comprises two levels: IRM (IR2000 - Measured) and IRC (IR2000 – Club). IRC is a rating rule aimed at the cruisers and cruiser/racers sailed by the majority of club sailors. The rule is used widely around the world for races and regattas ranging from local club points series to regional and national events such as Cowes Week. IRM is the published, fully measured rule aimed at the top end racing yachts and grand prix racing. The IRC is administered in Hong Kong on behalf of the RORC by the Hong Kong Sailing Federation (HKSF) and application for an IRC certificate is simple. Generally, no measurement is required, although the HKSF can assist where necessary. Unlike IRM, the rating formulae are secret to avoid boats being designed to the rule. IRC Ratings are expressed as a TCC (Time Corrector IRC) which is a figure in the region of 1.000 (typically, ranging from 0.700 to 1.600) - the lower the TCC, the slower the boat. Corrected race times are achieved by simply multiplying the elapsed time by the TCC figure. It is very simple to work out how much time different boats give each other. Take the two ratings and deduct one from the other. Each 0.001 difference equals approximately 3.6 seconds per hour.

Example:Boat A rates 1.010 and Boat B rates 0.995. The difference is 0.015
15 x 3.6 = 54 so Boat A gives Boat B about 54 seconds per hour.

Ratings are valid for the calendar year only (from 1 June each year in Hong Kong WEF 2006), then require re-validation. Applications can take up to four weeks as there are hundreds of ratings to process. The applications are processed in order of receipt, so get it in early!

Contact info:Hong Kong Sailing Federationtel: 2504 8159
RORC Rating Officetel: +44 1590 677030