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Some form of handicapping has to be employed in order to allow the huge variety of yacht designs and sizes to compete together fairly. The ‘entry level’ handicapping system in Hong Kong is the Honk Kong Performance Number (HKPN) which is administered by our national authority, the Hong Kong Sailing Federation (HKSF). The HKPN is issued on application to the HKPN committee and operates very similarly to the RYA’s Portsmouth Yardstick (PYS) - or a golfing handicap. The boat does not need to be measured; a formula is used to calculate the initial HKPN, which considers the vessel’s length, displacement, draft, design, sails, etc. It is generally corrected every five races and ultimately reflects the performance of both boat and crew. The HKPN is used to adjust a boats Elapsed Time on a race, giving a Corrected Time which is then used to decide the competitors final placings. As follows:

Corrected Time


Elapsed Time x 1000




The HKPN can lead to anomalous results, however. The alternative for more serious racers is the International Racing Certificate (IRC), which is explained on the next page. But most races in Hong Kong require at least an HKPN, so follow the links below to apply and we’ll see you on the water!

Contact info:Hong Kong Sailing Federationtel: 2504 8159