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Crew available and wanted for races

This is the page for yacht to find their crew and for crew to find their yachts.

Send an eMail to webdoc@dbyc.net in order to get your needs and desires posted

Susan Walter is a keen and experienced sailor. Please contact her at swalter@dbis.edu.hk

Marie Clotworthy has just joined the DBYC and is available to crew. "I have some experience on the foredeck of an S80 and am always keen to learn more."

Marie 6597 8254

Cheryl Carlisle and I (Alex Lee Suarez) are looking to be Crew members for the Social Cruise Lamma Lunch.

We previously have been crew on Rosemary, Champagne Lady and nervous breakdown.

Alex  52969655

Likewise Robin Leung who usually sails with GA. He is looking for a berth on SUTS robin.leung@credit-suisse.com

Steve Bruce a 'keen improver sailor' stevebruce@sbconsulting.com.hk or 91705575