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Meet our Club mascot, one of Hong Kong's 'pink dolphins'...
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Sousa Chinensis), are a hump-backed species living in Hong Kong and the estuaries of southern China. Born dark grey, they grow paler with age, becoming pale white, often pink in colour in later life. Sometimes glimpsed among the islands of Hong Kong, one of the dolphins' primary homes today is found in the waters north of Lantau Island, and around the smaller islands of Lung Kwu Chau and Sha Chau.
Chinese white dolphins (
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The number of pink dolphins in Hong Kong waters has been estimated at around 100, varying seasonally, but declining due to factors such as chemical pollution from the Pearl River, over-fishing and reclamation projects at Chek Lap Kok and Penny's Bay. Calving, in particular, has reduced, with far fewer of the young surviving to adulthood.
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